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The Female Preacher

The Female Preacher is a bouquet of life lessons for mothers and women of all generations, especially at this age when myriads of women have succumbed to the same tintinnabulations, titivations, and titillations that drowned their mother, Eve. Many of them do not see the need for devotion to the call of God upon their lives. "

In this timely book, the author presents a diagnosis of the social and spiritual condition of women with a foundation laid on God’s word. I am particularly enthralled that there are still scintillating and enlightened women who are not ashamed of writing about God in a world that has gone berserk with humanistic and anti-Christ philosophies.

It is hard work being a mother in Israel, so Peculiar tells well-known bible stories of women with fresh, illuminating, and pulsating insight to strengthen women for the task they must often undertake for God and humanity.

The silky writer beautifully outlaid her story about women in three parts. In the first part, she takes an inspiring look at women in the Bible, examining their triumphs and traumas. Here she told the story behind their stories, with deep revelations as the likes of Rachel, Leah, and Rebecca came alive again.

-  Victorson Agbenson, Journalist


"The Female Preacher is a must-read book for any Christian woman who aspires to be a role model in our time, like all of the great women and men in the Bible. An excellent and inspiring book.”

— Angel Monyelu

"The Female Preacher has been a blessing to me. I read it about a year ago, but recently the Lord spoke to me through it and brought comfort and peace to my mind. God bless the author.”

— Christie Ogbonna

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