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Mom: Matrix and Moments

    Beautifully written, heartfelt, and a testament to God's love, this memoir leaps off the page.  
- WENDY H. JONES, Award-winning author of the DI Shona McKenzie Mysteries
      Heartfelt and poignant.  
-  Sophie Neville, International Rubery Book Award winner
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The Author

Peculiar Medinus inspires others to realise their potential. Through her own journey and experiences, she has explored the relationship between job and work and gone beyond material aspiration to sit within God’s spiritual framework. She is passionate about positively impacting those whose aspirations align with her vision and helping them move towards a life of purpose. Her website is a platform to connect with others through her books.

Peculiar invented the Real Gospel Game to bring God's word to life in a novel and interactive way. The game is intended to assist both Christians and unchurched individuals become acquainted with some aspects of the Bible in an enjoyable way. Peculiar believes the educational and inspiring game will encourage more people to explore biblical teachings. She also hopes that it will deepen people's faith and inspire them to uphold their Christian values.

Following the acronym of her first name, Peculiar is purposeful, encouraging, creative, uplifting, loving, inspiring, adaptable, and resourceful.

She founded the Christian Sisters Network (formerly Sisters’ Parlour), which evolved from the Lady Battle Axe group she formed on Facebook in 2008. In the heat of the pandemic, Peculiar created an avenue to inspire, motivate, and encourage more people with her podcast, The Bible Babe.

Peculiar’s books include Mom: Matrix and Moments, The Bunch: An Anthology on the Fruit of the Spirit, Single Act, Female Preacher, Never Get Hurt, Lady Battle Axe, Overcomer, The Quickest Way to Overcome Stress, Pray without Straying, Expose, and Synopsis of Health and Beauty.


Mom: Matrix and Moments

Pray Without Straying

Never Get Hurt

The Overcomer

The Bunch: An Anthology on the Fruit of the Spirit

The Female Preacher


Single Act

The Quickest way to Overcome Stress

Synopsis of Health and Beauty

Lady Battle Axe

Why Ween Halloween?

My Books

"Peculiar’s topics reflect a writer with the refreshing ability to tell a story from a perspective not easily discovered. Her dedication to her writing, and her determination to reach a work’s conclusion, speak of a rare kind of discipline."



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